Why You Should Refinance

Why You Should Refinance


Just as life is always changing, interest rates and bank offers are also ever changing. You may have never considered refinancing until you see a good offer such as cashbacks or all time low interest rates. So when and why should you consider refinancing our loan?
  1. You want a better interest rate.
  2. Your needs have changed
    and you need a loan that
    suits your new needs.
  3. Your current fixed rate term
    is coming to an end.
  4. Consolidating debts for
    better financial management.
  5. You want to pull equity out to either
    renovate or buy another property.
  6. A great cashback offer.
There are multiple reasons you may wish to refinance, and a great place to understand your options are speaking to your IGM Broker. We help our clients on an ongoing basis, checking in when new deals or rates become available that will better fit you and your needs.
We can start with a home loan health check which includes reviewing your current loan. Just get in touch with IGM to get started today

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