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Lead Team

Tony Antonios

IGM is the vehicle and Tony is the 
driver of success.

“Our collective experienced and committed team bring you the
results you’re really looking for.

Everyone’s version of success is different – there are times success requires simple strategies and execution, and times where complex strategies and their execution is required.
It’s this way of thinking after being in the industry for a number of years, seeing many different clients and scenarios ending in poor results that I saw there was a large gap in the industry – where clients’ needs and expectations were not being met.
Without accessing the brokering channel and our services,
without an experienced guide to offer alternative solutions, I found that those clients were being constantly let down and settling for less.
This is why I created IGM, to help clients achieve those short and long term dreams.

Whether that is with a major bank, or accessing any of our 50* lenders on panel – our team will make sure you achieve the best result every time.”

Jacob Babik

General Manager
Leading the Group to Client Success.
“Fifteen years of corporate banking experience has enabled me to be involved with some of the best SME businesses and Property Developers.
My hunger to learn and absorb information from the best, alongside my business consulting background has allowed me to formulate agile ideas and strategies that accelerate our clients in executing visions and goals in an ever-changing environment.
My passion for many sports and choosing to support certain teams from a young age have helped shape my ideas on teamwork, success and loyalty.
Your team may not always win, but this isn’t defeat, it’s an opportunity to learn and improve, bringing you one step closer to success. No client is the same, and my genuine interest to provide the necessary tools and information for a successful outcome pushes me every time.
There will be times that tough decisions need to be made, and we are here to provide options for businesses and individuals alike.
I have personally played an integral role in the finance team that has helped fund over 50 subdivisions, high rise towers and multi-dwelling projects.
Each site presents unique challenges which require the right experience and team, something we here at IGM have carefully considered.
The same can be said for SME businesses that drive our economy, these business owners and corporates who will benefit from our corporate and banking experience and skillsets.

I work closely with our principal Tony, experienced Analysts and Loan Associates to ensure each client requirements are thought through and puts their best foot forward for every application.”

Christina Antonios

Operations Manager

The Fuel to the 
IGM Success Vehicle.

“Growing up in a large family, and being near the top of the pecking order, I always had to help with the organisation of the household. Over the years, its become apparent and vital to utilise that skill set to give our team the best platform to succeed.
Most importantly, the right direction to provide all our clients the best chance of success. With my experience in loan writing and as a licensed real estate agent, I have a passion for property, whether that’s buying, leasing, renting, developments, whatever falls under the property banner, which immediately intrigues and sparks my passions.
Understanding the market and being able to give a holistic approach – that’s one strength we as a group bring.
My satisfaction is driven by seeing our clients investment and growth through real estate and property development.
Knowing bank policies and best fits, I support and guide our team in executing our client opportunities within their business and within the property market that they never thought possible.
You deserve the best Property and Lending team on your side to bring those visions and goals to fruition, bringing you closer to growing your wealth. ”

The Team

Tony Antonios


Jacob Babik

General Manager

Christina Antonios

Operations Manager

Regina Hadinata

Senior Lending Executive

Rebecca Antonios

Finance Manager

Tiana Antonios

Lending Executive

Zoe Abbott

Property Manager

Kristy Lu

Property Associate




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