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As always, your unique circumstance must be taken into account before looking into investing in either residential or commercial property.
Although it is a strategy many people have chosen Australia-wide, we recommend the appropriate advisors are involved in the decision (Conveyancer, accountant and financial planner).
Investing in property can be a good way to help increase your net wealth and can be part of a suitable tax strategy.
Property investment has the option of providing returns based on cash flow (rent can provide a steady rate of income) or capital gains as the property increases in value.
As with any investment, you should understand how the investment works, the returns being generated (usually determined by the risk associated with the property) and the costs associated.
Legal and Tax advice is always recommended, as the more information on hand, the more informed your decision is on what type of investment works best for you.
Some checklist items you can consider are;
  1. Set your goals for your property investment goals.
  2. Understand your budget and organise finances.
  3. Research the market.
    IGM Group real estate arm can help you find the right property.
  4. Find a trusted Mortgage Broker.
    IGM Group can help you reach your goals sooner as we will understand and strategize the best lending options which are available to you.
  5. Obtain finance approval.
    IGM group can help you find the right investment loan.
  6. Find a solicitor to execute the sales contract.
    Once you have obtained approval, it is best to find a solicitor who executes the contract of sale for you. A solicitor will know what to check and how to negotiate terms in your contract. Do not sign any contracts of sale without consulting with your solicitor first.
  7. Manage your asset.
    Once you have purchased your investment property, you will need a trusted team to manage the asset for you. Our IGM Property agents and property managers along with your IGM Mortgage Broker will be your team in leasing your investment and finding the right tenants who will look after your property. Our Agents and Brokers work hand in hand to work as a one-point contact for managing all aspects of your property.
The above information has been prepared carefully however please always seek professional advice to consider your needs. Contact IGM Group to understand what investment loan options are available to you.

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