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There are thousands of different home loan options available in Australia, and it is often a challenging task selecting which one is best suited to your personal needs and earnings.

There are thousands of different home loan options available in Australia, and it is often a challenging task selecting which one is best suited to your personal needs and earnings. Whether you’re in the process of buying your first property, upgrading, refinancing or managing your home insurance, the various options can be overwhelming. Additionally, lender and bank policies seem to change frequently, making it difficult for you to seek the right advice and create informed financial decisions.

At IGM Group, we understand the home loan market and are dedicated to helping you find the best options to suit your budget and lifestyle. Our enthusiastic team of professionals are equipped with expert industry knowledge and extensive experience to help you throughout the process of any home loan related application.

We are dedicated to helping you understand your ambitions of home ownership and aim to guide you in creating suitable and informed decisions.

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is possibly the biggest financial commitment you will make in your life, so it’s vital that you approach it wisely and with trusted, knowledgeable advice. While the process can be a truly exciting experience, it can also be overwhelming and stressful, especially when it comes to determining your borrowing capacity and the associated costs involved.

At IGM Group our home loan broker experts will guide you throughout the entire home loan process to determine your loan capacity and purchasing power to ensure that you never exceed your means or hunt for a home beyond your budget.

Dedicated to your personal needs, our team of professionals will help you create informed decisions and guide you through the evaluation of home loan selections and discuss the most suitable option to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Buying Again

Whether you’re upgrading your home, downsizing or simply re-assessing your current situation, your next property investment entails as much financial consideration as your first home. Your home loan is a financial commitment and re-entering the property market can come as a challenge without the right trusted advice. It’s important to consider that your second mortgage is assessed based on your income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Whether you plan on investing in an additional property or selling your current home to invest in a new property, our trusted team of professionals will present you with the most suitable financial options.

We’ll research and assess your various options and conduct a evaluation on your current home loan, comparing it based on interest, fees and features from your current lender to ensure that you have the most suitable mortgage.

After consulting with our experts, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the entire process and peace of mind.

Investment Refinancing

For most Australians, property investment is an approach to achieve financial independence, as residential homes are a stable and passive asset. Refinancing an investment property could be a great option if you’re opting to access funds to purchase properties or even update your property portfolio.

If you’re considering refinancing an investment property, comparing your choices is always the starting point. At IGM Group we will assist you in comparing your options by evaluating interest rates and loan features in order to find the best option to suit your situation, lifestyle and budget. Our team of professionals will provide you with various options to access equity that your property has accumulated and determine your funds.

Some benefits of refinancing your investment include:
– Unlocking equity in your existing property or other financial assets
– Securing a lower interest rate on your current home loan to decrease high interest payments
– Managing your debt more efficiently

Home Insurance

As a homeowner, your house and contents are likely to be the most valuable assets that you own. Therefore, it’s absolutely vital that they are protected in the case of an unfortunate event such as a fire, storm or house robbery.

Home and contents insurance is essential for any homeowner and is guaranteed to protect you from a financial disaster. As with any type of insurance, it’s crucial to understand what you’re covered for as some policies may offer optional extras to cover in your home insurance.

At IGM Group, our professional Insurance Brokers can provide you with competitive home insurance cover.

With integrity at the core of our company, you can feel confident knowing that IGM Group provides trustworthy advice and competitive home insurance suited to your personal needs.