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Starting a new business can be extremely rewarding and provide an opportunity to pursue your passions.

Starting a new business can be extremely rewarding and provide an opportunity to pursue your passions. In saying this, you’re likely to face a number of challenges when starting out, especially without the right financial advice. By consulting with our financial brokers, we will be able to research your options and capture a detailed understanding of the type of loan that will suit your business. As well as saving you hours of research, we will help you negotiate the best possible deal and guide you every step of the way.

At IGM Group, our financial experts will also discuss your finance and risk planning to ensure that you commence your business with a strategy that suits you. Specialising in small business financial planning, we understand your interests and personal needs and are dedicated to providing you with trusted advice that will help your business thrive. We understand that no industry is the same and we are committed to helping you understand the most suitable loan for your company.

Small Business Loans

When it comes to small business, finding the most suitable finance options to start or develop your business can be a real challenge. There are countless lenders to choose from but too often, the terms offered to small business owners can be difficult to understand.

Another challenge is obtaining enough funds to kick-start or develop your business. Without the right information, you might end up with a loan with excessive interest rates or restricted terms and conditions. In fact, without the right advice, you might settle for a loan that is unsuitable or much less than what you originally aimed for. This could hinder your projections for your business and complicate your financial situation.

At IGM Group, our team of experts are dedicated to helping you start your business with a loan that suits you. There are varieties of loans that are available to businesses. Some of these include:

– Unsecured business loans
– Business finance loans
– Equipment finance
– Short term business loans
– Bad credit business loans

Car Loans

AT IGM Group, we understand the difficulty of trying to find the best vehicle deal suited to your business. Whatever your budget or situation, our experienced car loan consultants will guide you through your loan applications and find the best lender and loan products to suit your business needs.

We understand that any vehicle purchase is a major decision, which is why we are committed to providing you with unrivalled service to ensure that you acquire a suitable car loan that can be managed within your business expenses. Whether you want the flexibility of an Unsecured Car loan or the low rate of a Secured Car Loan, our trusted team of professionals are committed to helping you secure a car loan that meets your requirements.

At IGM Group, our team of experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience of car loansand are committed to fulfilling your personal needs and helping you understand the features of your loan.

Asset Finance

Business owners across diverse industries frequently invest in equipment for daily operations. These purchases can be expensive, as can their maintenance. Selecting the right type of asset finance can help you save time and money growing your business and reducing the risk of owning outdated equipment. At IGM Group, we offer a comprehensive range of asset finance loans for all types of businesses and industries. We will give you access to a panel of lenders and offer you a broad range of flexible solutions. We cater to a wide range of business owners across all industries.

Depending on your business, your asset finances can go towards investments including:
– Vehicle finance
– Forklifts, bobcats and tractors
– Computers, printers and monitors
– Medical equipment

At IGM Group, our team of professionals are dedicated to assisting you cultivate your business without the financial stress. As well as offering you a variety of financial asset options, we will help you manage your expenses for future circumstances. Our trusted team will work closely with you to understand your needs and help you secure a loan that suits the structure of your business financials.


Insurance is fundamental for any business yet small businesses might perceive insurance as an expense they cannot afford, or a luxury for larger or more established companies. Although business insurance might seem complex and costly, it is an expense that needs to be included in every businesses budget, regardless of the industry or size. Business insurance can protect your businesses finance and reputation in the cases such as theft, catastrophic loss, and injury.

Whether you are seeking a business insurance pack, public liability insurance or anything under the insurance division, you can obtain multiple options from leading insurance companies through IGM Group’s team of experienced financial brokers. We have a great understanding between the myriads of insurance covers and we can help you understand your policy options and find the most suitable cover for your business.

Development & Construction

At IGM Group, we understand the financial challenges faced by construction developers, especially when it comes to construction funding. We specialise in delivering the most competitive, flexible and reliable Development and Construction Finance to suit the needs and budgets of our clients. We have developed great relationships with some of the industry’s best consultants and we guarantee to deliver effective strategies and funding packages to meet the specific needs of your projects.

We understand the current lack of flexibility within the property market and we are dedicated to helping you understand the best possible solutions and latent potential in property. We have a proven track record of achieving extraordinary solutions for our clients by focussing on financial management, strategic risk mitigation and development strategies. Our industry expertise and fundamental approach to each individual is a testament to the success of our clients.