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A personal loan can be your way of achieving something you have always wanted. It is a smaller sum than a mortgage and is paid out within a shorter term.

A personal loan can be your way of achieving something you have always wanted. It is a smaller sum than a mortgage and is paid out within a shorter term. With Australia’s competitive personal loan market, offering thousands of product options, the process of selecting the most suitable personal loan can be overwhelming. You might be opting for a personal loan to finance a new car, a holiday or better managing your debts.

Whatever your objective, our team is dedicated to helping you obtain a personal loan that suits your personal needs and budget. When applying for a personal loan, our team of professional advisors will present you with a broad range of products that are best suited to your request. Our financial brokers are dedicated to:

– Listening to your personal needs
– Calculating your repayments
– Presenting numerous options to suit your business
– Discussing the features of the products most suited to you
– Explaining your fees and charges without technical jargon
– Helping you with the paperwork to ensure that the process is efficient
– Providing you with trusted and experienced advice throughout the entire process

Personal Car Loans

Is it time to buy your dream new car or even upgrade to a new one? Whatever your budget or situation, our experienced car loan consultants will guide you through your loan applications and find the best lender and loan products to suit your personal needs. We understand that any vehicle purchase is a major decision, which is why we are committed to providing you with unrivalled service to ensure that you acquire a suitable car loan that can be managed within your lifestyle expenses. Whether you want the flexibility of an Unsecured Car loan or the low rate of a Secured Car Loan, our trusted team of professionals are committed to helping you secure a car loan that meets your requirements.

At IGM Group, our team of experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience of car loans and are committed to fulfilling your personal needs and helping you understand the features of your loan.

Personal Loans

There are a number of circumstances in which you may decide to take out a personal loan. It might be for a holiday, medical costs or even a wedding. Some other reasons might include:

– Home renovation
– Debt Consolidation
– Vehicle Purchase

There is an extensive range of different personal loan options depending on your circumstance, lifestyle and budget and our brokers can help you select the best one to suit you. As experienced Personal Loan professionals, we are the most trusted and reliable option to help you secure a personal loan and help you resolve any financial issues. We give our clients access to the best potential lenders to get the best possible deal for them with the most appropriate rate, flexible features, rapid settlement and fast approval. We also understand that need for a personal loan can arise at a crucial time, which is why our team is dedicated to delivering efficient and trustworthy advice.


Personal insurance refers to the financial security to you and your family members for events such as illness, injury, loss of ability to learn, disability or death. The main types of personal insurance include:

Life Insurance: The financial means to preserve your way of life or that of your family in the events of an accident or death.

Total or Permanent Disability: Designed to minimise your financial pressure if you suffer from injury or illness that leaves you totally or permanently disabled.

Critical Illness Insurance: A fund cover in the case of serious illness Income Protection Insurance: A fund cover that pays you a benefit if you are unable to work due toillness or injury.

Finding the best personal insurance plan entails researching a number of different plans and providers that suit your personal needs and lifestyle budget. At IGM Group, we’ll do the research for you and provide you with the most suitable options that meet your individual needs.