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IGM Group has become one of the fastest financial broking companies in NSW, forming strategic alliances with multiple companies and placing in the Top 10 Brokers in NSW in 2017.

Our team combines expert industry knowledge, extensive networks and a genuine vision to achieve results for our clients. Our diverse group of qualified, professional and experiential members have been hand picked to ensure the highest quality service is delivered to our valued members and clients.


IGM Group is a diverse financial broking company that focuses on providing clients with professional advice for a range of financial facilities and services including lending, property management, insurance, strata and construction development. We operate independently with the vision of providing our clients with a holistic approach to finance management that cultivates long-term relationships based on security, confidentiality and convenience

Other factors that set us apart include:

Client Focus

We are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent advice and creating strategies that create, manage and foster their wealth and goals. We achieve this by recognising the challenges and collaborating with them to define their objectives and aspirations

Holistic Service

Our versatile approach enables us to provide an array of services to our clients and guide them in achieving their personal and business goals. Unlike the majority of finance companies, we offer all financial related services to ensure that our clients have a sense of confidentiality and security.

Strategic Partnerships

Our panel of strategic connections across the property, marketing and business industries enables us to provide our clients with the best advice, contacts and facilities. Our overarching purpose is to treat each client as a partner, providing them with the most efficient, effective and successful solutions.

Our Mission

Our vision is to continue to evolve as a company and help our clients achieve their life goals. We aim to do this by being a trusted source of knowledge to our clients and the wider community and providing them with the best possible solutions.

We strive to be proactive, results-oriented leaders who work in collaboration with individuals and businesses to offer excellent strategic financial management.

Our Values


We value innovative, efficient, cost-effective services and systems and we are committed to achieving the highest standard of customer satisfaction.


We deal with all tasks with an ethical, honest and genuine approach, ensuring that the personal needs of clients are met. We also guarantee the utmost level of confidentiality and security to our clients and partners.


We value the contribution of our professional employees and expert industry partners. Teamwork is essential in the development of our company and the satisfaction and success of our clients.